Relationships Matter

Student with parents at Family Weekend
Relationships Matter

As parents, you can make a difference. You can prevent your sons and daughters from becoming yet another tragic statistic. Too many parents feel that they cannot influence young adults. Time and time again, parents say:

"What can I say now? They're grown adults." Or "There's just no use. They'll do what they want anyway and don't care what we say."

Such statements grossly underestimate the influence that parents can have in providing information that can shape their students’ behaviors.

Watch these videos to get suggestions from students about how parents can talk to their college student about alcohol and marijuana/cannabis.

It's not a one-time conversation.

You will be most effective and influential if you remember that talking to your student about alcohol and marijuana use is not a one-time conversation — it’s a series of conversations that occur over time. You will need to keep the conversation going throughout their entire college experience. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

As a result, it’s not expected that you’ll browse this website once and have a masterful idea of all the information you’ll need to have a convincing talk with your college student. This website is filled with ways for you to talk to your student about the dangers of alcohol throughout the entire college experience.

As you continually talk to them about alcohol, feel free to visit this site as often as you need to learn helpful strategies, to increase your communication skills and to gain additional helpful information.